50% off Stadia Premiere Edition

Stadia will be shut down January 18, 2023.

Right now, you can get the Stadia Premiere Edition, which comes with the controller and the Chromecast Ultra for 50% off. Usually $99.99, it is on sale at Best Buy for $50.00! Plus you get a free 3 month trial of YouTube Premium. I currently have it for the family and love it!

Buy the Google Stadia Premiere Edition at Best Buy

Look, this isn't even a blog post, this is just a quick post about this deal. Make sure to grab it before it's Out of Stock, just like those pesky PS5's, Xbox Series X|S and GPUs!

Get 2 Months free of Stadia Pro!

* I currently do not get paid for referring you at this time to Best Buy 😢